Engineering & Consulting Service

Engineering and consulting services and our customers’ requests, suggestions, ideas, religions, fully meets the needs not meet his demands measure. This stage is a kind of a decision by the most sensitive point of the work.

– The current problem is a problem of repeat business constantly?

– How much labor will be included in solving the problem?

– What is the material used in production?

– Production of a specific piece per sınırlımı?

– Manufacture of machinery and equipment used in the construction of sufficient capacity for the material to be made sturdy?

These and similar questions about the current problem is detected. Answers to the current manufacturing capacity for our customers to develop a method of alternative dispute resolution is also supported with the necessary engineering studies proposed method is presented to the customer.
In this way, the customer’s capacity to solve the problem by identifying the most appropriate solution method and the rational method, the lowest cost solution would be reached.